Canal phones or noise cancelling phones for travel
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Jul 2, 2009
I travel to Europe once every summer, and I would like a nice pair of phones to listen to my iPod touch while on the plane. I wanted to get noise cancelling headphones at first, but have heard many arguments that in-canal ear phones provide just as good if not better sound isolation. I'd also like to use them with the in-flight audio system, and even just as sound suppressors w/o music.
I have reduced my choices to two:
Shure SE 420
Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b

I really am torn between the two. Any suggestions?
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I favor IEMs as well. I have several friends who were Bose fans, until I turned them onto either Westones or LiveWires. Or now JH-13s [a bit more of an upsell].
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I vote IEMs. I've tried the Bose versions and the canceling effect feels like it's sucking air out of my eardrums, a bit painful.

The other plus is that IEMs can be way smaller and you don't need to worry about charging or batteries just for the canceling feature. When wearing my Superfi's, I'm pretty isolated.

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