Can someone build me a resitor cable for dt880-80s?
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Jan 9, 2004
I'm currently in istanbul and cannot find me the supplies to do so and my ocusin wants one, luckily I have friend coming over form chicago in a week, wanted to know if you guys could build me one to put between my preosnus firebox and my dt880? (the presonus end is not a mini, its a 1/4 for the ones that do not know). I am looking for something around 500 ohms, if you could throw in a 250 oh resitor with it just in case I switch, it would be great. Ty.

(If you have time, I wouldnt mind a 75-100 ohm short as possible mini to mini for my er4p)

if you dont have time but can send me parts, that is acceptible too

will pay via paypal, ty

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Jun 1, 2003
Check out the tweaks for sale forum. I can't off the top of my head remember who was doing it but he's checking to see if there's enough interest in this project. BTW, why do you want 500 ohms. Seem like allot. I am using a Oehlbach 120 ohm adapter with my 880's (06) and am thinking that that may be too much. I just got some super high quality variable resistors (500 ohm) so I can adjust the resistance to figure out exactly the resistor value I want. What I get with the 120 ohms is much punchier bass, more forward mids and less top end emphasis. Only trade off is there seem to be a bit less detail in the highs. I think what may be happening is the total resistance and the cable capacitance is forming a simple filter and altering the resistance changes the slope of what sounds like a ramp type filter. I still have a couple of parts on order to test this but I'll post a thread with results. I want to find out how Beyer changes the impedance of their cans.( I was looking at some pictures and there doesn't look like there's a load resistor.)

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