Can-con 2 (Sydney 2012) Meet Aug 18th 3:30 to 8:30pm (near Epping station)
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Thanks for the clarification on the date/time.
Do we have address for the place in Epping?
Also are we going by same rules as last year, with us PM ing the organiser our details in that off chance of theft?
This year seems to look a little better than last with the turn out and gears coming (silent horray).
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As to the rules, we will be making announcements soon.
Plus there are other issues that needs to be addressed such as to whom should the meet be offered to? Limited to headfi?
The venue is at epping and very close to the station (if I remember correctly).
As to the turn out, believe it or not we had approximately 50 ppl last year ( although it did not seem like it). So hopefully we would have a last minute surge/influx of ppl registering to attend.

Hi Wink, I am hoping that you could join us this year as the meet is on Saturday~
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However, if I may suggest, the format would be pretty much similar to last year. Of course the organizers reserve the right to make amendments to the schedule~ also there will be fees payable to attend to cover costs similar to last year.

Set up.
Vendor presentation ( introduction (who they are, what goods or services they are involved with, feature product introduction/demonstration). ( I particularly loved Uniques Melody's table drape with their name and logo and it would be good and very professional if the vendors could organise one themselves).
Free time.
Draw. (prize if any available).
Free time.
Pack up.
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For clarification, the date is 18/08/2012 Saturday from 3:30pm to 8:30pm.

dont think i can make it.......  (not that anyone cares) 

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Regarding the security everyone would be required to bring a filled out form with identificatin. there being no volunteer we are limited in resources.
The form comprises of (on a piece of paper):

Contact details: email: Phone:
Identification number: (e.g: if driver's licence, then licence number)

Also, what are your thoughts regarding who we should open out invitation to? Should we limit it to just headfi?

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