Can anyone identify these drivers?
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May 1, 2015
Hi All, I've been rummaging through dumpsters at uni and managed to find a binaural beat synthesizer with some headphones.
The box still works which is cool, and the headphones too but wondering if I could make something nicer from them.
The headphones are made from old earmuffs, bilsom brand i think. It looks like they were custom build for the synthesizer and could be nice seeing as the machine was originally for research/teaching(excess funding...).
I had a listen and theyre better than I thought, being earmuffs and all. A bit muddy and lacking in base, highs not too clear. I'm not sure if its just an effect of them being packed inside earmuffs which isnt ideal at all.
I'm wondering if someone could identify the drivers inside it so I could perhaps build better enclosures for them.

Heres some photos:
Driver - rollies for scale. The print on them says "251170".
Other side:
Aluminium clip removed, the back of the driver is machined from a block of copper.
Foam ring peeled back.
Side view, theres a layer of tape around the whole driver with holes for the connector.
Light shining through diaphragm, showing back vents.  the cone is colourless and clear, no ridges as far as i can tell, it seems to be smooth.

Same on other side.

Anyway it'd be awesome if someone could pick the model of phones theyre intended for, if not just the ideal environment to enclose them and get the best out of them.
Also, 1st post woo!

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