Can anyone fix my iPod Classic 7G with Tarkan Micro SD card?

  1. alexjholland
    Hey, back around Christmas I bought Tarkan's 4 x Micro SD card, for my iPod Classic 7G.

    I bought two brand new SanDIsk Ultra 128GB Micro SD cards, from the recommended list.

    I got them inside (after screwing the rear case and getting a new one) and it briefly worked, brilliantly.

    Unfortunately I ended up with the following situation (copy-pasted from emails at the time):
    • Turn on
    • Spends a minute or two with the Apple logo Screen
    • Brings up a 'Use iTunes to Restore' screen
    • iTunes detects iPod in recovery mode
    • Click Restore iPod
    • The iPod could not be restored, an unknown error occurs (1434)
    • By this stage, the iPod has a white screen with a large 'tick' and 'OK to disconnect', written in a system-type font, rather than the usual consumer font.
    • On just one occasion, yesterday, it managed to restore.. and worked for a while, but now doesn't again.
    • Any ideas? Is reseating the ribbon connector likely to help? (I only ask, as when I replaced the screen the backlight didn't work until I reseated it).
    Tarkan was really helpful and generous with his time - he concluded it's likely a disk error of some kind.

    I moved to Sydney soon after and it's been sitting in my bag ever since.

    I'd love to get it working, but can't face trying to open it up again and realising I need to get another new case rear (everything is more difficult and expensive to get, in Australia).

    I'm about to send my smashed iPhone back to the UK, to get my family to send it to my insurers to switch out for a new model - and I could easily send the iPod Classic back too.

    Is anyone in the UK (or perhaps Europe) experienced and confident I could pay them to take the iPod in, get it all working and tested, then send it back to my family to send to me?

    Many thanks,

  2. Jdnoss
    Did you format the SD card individually to fat32 (not extfat) before installing them?

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