Campfire Audio IO vs Polaris
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Joshua Bernstein

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Nov 13, 2018
Hi all,

I don't have a lot of posts here but I lurk a bit.

I am currently trying to decide between the Campfire Audio IO and Polaris, as I need a portable solution for work. I generally listen to alternative/indie rock, jazz, some folk, classic rock, etc. No EDM or pop or anything in those general areas. I' caught between the two, I don't want too little bass which I have read some people complain about the IO, and I definitely don't want the bass to be overpowering. I want to pick the more neutral of the two. Has anybody tried both? Please no other brand suggestions, I have already narrowed it down to these two.

Edit: I currently am using an Opportunity PM-3, and I quite like the sound signature of these. I'd like to purchase the more similar of the two options.

Id greatly appreciate any help!
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I have the Polaris V1. I think they excel at edm, rap, maybe even bass heavy metal. I like them but got a set of Atlas to replace them because I feel they have the mids a little too attenuated. Dont get me wrong. I think they are high quality for the money but probably not the best choice based on your music preferences. I have no idea on the io. Probably won't have the bass you want though. Buy used or B stock for the best value so you can resell if needed and not lose much. Maybe ibasso it03. A used lyra 2 or a vega. Others will have to help with the recommendations. Unique melody Martian or empire ears bravado. Good luck.

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