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Cable recommendations for 2-pin CIEMs and iPhone

  1. one-eyed-xander
    Hey guys, I've been searching for a while now to find a cable which I can use with my Inearz CIEMS (with 2-pin connectors) and my iPhone X. I use my CIEMs for commuting every day and I love them - comfortable and just the right amount of isolation.

    I want a cable which is comfortable and sturdy and sounds good. A remote/mic is desirable. A lightning connection is very desirable because the Apple lightning adaptor is so flimsy. Bluetooth is also OK.

    Here's what I've tried or looked at:
    • The standard Inearz mic cable is really nice and comfortable, and sounds great. However the remote button is a little tricky to use (often I get Siri instead of pause) and of course there's no lightning connector. So far I've been using this cable daily but one of the 2-pin connectors has come apart and it needs replacement.
    • The Capri IEM lightning cable from AAW, and it works OK, but is not ideal. The main problem is that it's so damn uncomfortable - the ear loops are not adjustable and they dig into the backs of my ears. Also the sound quality is average at best. I'm using the latest firmware, FWIW.
    • I have the PlusSound Bluetooth cable, and it is also OK, but not ideal. The sound quality is actually great and it's pretty comfortable. The problem is the Bluetooth range sucks! If I hold my phone in my hand it works great, but as soon as I pocket it, the sound breaks up. I'm trying to sort this out with PlusSound, but I am not hopeful.
    • I have an EffectAudio Ares cable on order. The reviews for this look good, but even so, it is definitely going to suffer from the crappy Apple lightning adaptor.
    • Noble Audio have a lightning cable but no MFi means annoying error messages, so I am staying away for now. Looks great otherwise.
    So what have I missed? What other cables are people using?

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