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Cable for ATH CKR100

  1. kurodax
    I'm pretty new to the whole headphone things so i don't know much. I just got my CKR100 yesterday and i read some review that i need to change the cable to make the IEMs reach it potential. The review guy recommend the null audio cable, but i see a lot of people said that the quality will defect quite fast, so i try to find another one in Japan. Right now i see a cable for CKR100 from Audio Technica itself, but i don't see anyone talk about it. Is it good ? Do you know any brand of cable that have the price around 100$ that have good quality to use for at least 2 3 years ?
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
  2. Wannabenewton
    Ok, I might be a little late but here goes.
    The guy who wrote the review has updated it a couple times you can check in the comments below the review, he doesn't think the cable will make a perceivable difference, he realised it might be placebo he was experiencing. Any 3rd party cable that has better look or feel or flexibility will do the job, or if you have no issues you can keep using the stock cable. I decided ill use the stock cable until it gets damaged.Ckr100is is also my first serious iem, and I think we lucked out, I am spoiled now. I have to spend much much more to get a headphone better than this. If you want to get a better cable nevertheless you can find good ones (haven't tried them but they are modeled after hdc213a the official audio-technica cable ) for around 40$ by lunashop or earmax on aliexpress. PM for links

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