Bypass USB DAC or use mini Toslink?
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Nov 2, 2013
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Hey guys, I was not quite sure where to post this, but it is mostly unspecific to components and more of a cabling question. The computer forum looked too peripheral specific.
I'm creating a computer based headphone listening system with a USB DAC and headphone amp. There happens to be a television in the room, so I thought why not have the ability to listen to movies on the same equipment? The DAC just has a single USB input. So I have been bypassing the DAC with RCA cables coming from the DVD player, but it doesn't sound the same as sound from the computer. I then began thinking of ways to pump the sound through the computer to utilize the DAC.
I come from a recording background, trying to keep digital to analog conversions to a minimum. Because of this, I would prefer not to go from RCA cables out of the DVD player into the computer and then out again (D-->A-->D-->A) but it is an option. Then I remembered that the input can be used with mini Toslink which theoretically should keep the signal digital until it hits the DAC (D-->A).
My question is, which do you think would sound better? Bypassing the USB DAC or utilizing forgotten features like mini Toslink?

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