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Buying Stax SR-009 From PriceJapan.com??

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by gtiboy, Sep 12, 2012.
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  1. gtiboy
    Hi all, has anyone here successfully bought headphones from PriceJapan.com?  I see the prices of Stax SR-009 is over a £1000 cheaper once you do the currency conversion into pounds. My question is will you be charged VAT and import duty? or is it like any normal package coming from abroad and slips by customs?
  2. Pettnolf
    Yep, bought mine from them. Worked like a charm. No extra cost if you tell them to mark it down.
  3. silwen
    When importing, just be prepared to be stung with VAT and breathe easy if you don't. I have bought audio gear imported into the UK, under the value of £500 and so far have been lucky. 
    I did note that when I got my DAC from Audio-GD, the box had been opened before, I should think by customs. No problems though. Not sure whether anything changes if the prices is higher (relatively). But as above poster has proven so, you should be fine. Just be prepared. 
  4. silversurfer616
    I am in NZ and everything that has a higher commercial value than 400.- NZ Dollar will be taxed.
    So I usually tell sellers to mark the price down,which also means that insurance only covers that value.
  5. gtiboy
    Do you have to email them before they ship it out, to tell them to mark down a false cheaper price of the product to escape customs or am I misunderstanding? Did you ship via EMS? reading other threads they seem to be good at not getting caught my customs as opposed to DHL.
  6. Pettnolf
    Yeah, just email them and tell them to mark it down after you place the order. I shipped with EMS which is what they recommended.
  7. gtiboy
    What was the price you asked them to mark down if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Pettnolf
    About a hundred usd iirc. Just remember that if it gets lost you're pretty much screwed ;P
  9. gtiboy
    Doesn't the insurance cover you in the event that the package is stolen or damaged?
  10. justin w. Contributor
    i think it's a little suspicious to insure an item for $5000 but with a customs value of $100
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  11. gtiboy
    Yeah pricejapan add the insurance cover on top of all the other charges required including shipping. Just wondered how that would affect the insurance on the product if there is a false price on the box just to escape customs. Most people that have bought items from pricejapan.com live either in the US or else where, have not seen anyone buy from the UK and their experience with UK customs?
  12. jimmy8269
    Please also ask to put the mark-down price in the invoice or not to put the invoice with full price into the box.

    My experience with other purchase was the shop showed me mercy to mark down the price on the declared slip, but inserted full price invoice into the box. The custom randomly picked up my box to inspect and bingo .... Sigh -_-"
  13. gtiboy
    Who did you ship yours with?
  14. yello131
    PriceJapan is fairly decent  place to order from Japan other then warranty/service...the process is lengthy and cost additional dough.
    another place I`d recommend is  musicaacoustics.com. Name of owner is Dimitris. Very reliable service and also price was good. I have not seen Stax brand on the site but I ordered several items from them that were not listed there.
    I do recall Dimitris commented about VAT charge is high unless declare as gift with low value. Check with Pricejapan or Musica to make sure you dont get slammed with VAT
  15. Ridleyguy
    PriceJapan is very reliable from my experience with them, which has included shipping an amplifier (Audio Technica anniversary) back to Japan for service under warranty.
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