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May 7, 2015
Hey i have the razer kraken pro but i didnt like how thay sound like so i want to move to some more quality sound.
so i thught about buying a headphones and a sound card for them my budget is 100$ for sound card. i choose the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 PCI Express if you can tell me plis if its good for headphones thay have amplifier built in
Now about the headphones I am want to buy some head phones and m budget for them is like 100~150$ i thought about the sennhiser hd 558 but thay are price is my country is 180$ and i dont know if this headphones is good or not. so i searching for good headphones for this price better if this headphones is open headphones because i want to hear what heppend in my home and if some one can explain me more about the difference between open and closed headphones.
Sorry for my English is not my native language
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Apr 24, 2012
Perhaps you might prefer used Sennheiser HD555 or HD595 which will certainly be cheaper. These headphonex are open type over ear headphones. Over ear means the earpads rest on your head and not on your ear itself. Over ear except for a few exceptions are the highest sound quality. Open headphones have earcups covered by a grille which allows air from outside into the earcup and driver. Therefore these type of headphones are not sealed. They are not particularly good for outside use as all the outside noise interferes with your listening. Other people will also hear your music if you turn the volume up. Open type headphones tend to give greater sound qualiity and most of the premium headphones are of this type. Closed headphones have solid plastic earcups and isolate the listener from external sounds. The potential for the bass to be more present is a possibility although there are neutral closed headphones. These are better for use outside because of their isolation and you can also listen at lower volumes due to this. Unfortunately sound quality tends to be not quite as good as open types and most (but not all) high-end headphons tend not to be closed type.

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