Buying Headphones from Mexico
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Jul 3, 2009
Hello there. Any Mexicans here?

Well, I've decided to buy my first pair of headphones, so on these days I have been lurking on the interwebs. My first option was a pair of really cheapo Sonys ($35), but then I saw the Panasonic RP-HTX7 at Audiocube and I liked them a lot. It seems that they have international shipments, so there is no problem with them.

Now, I found the Grado SR60 on Amazon, but the problem is that Amazon don't do shipments to Mexico.

If you know or have bought in international stores from Mexico, let me know.

Also, I will consider any advise about Headphones. I do not want to spend more than $70 on them. Considering that the shipment costs about $20-$30 and adding the 15% tax, my total must be $150.

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I live in Mexico and most of the times I contact the manufacturer directly to work out a way to get them shipped over here...Don't know if any store in Mexico sells grados , most of them have Boses and horrible el cheapo headphones.
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hello, im from Mexico too.
Actually not all the items in Amazon have international shiping, so you have to check among different vendors. However if you really like something in amazon or any other webpage, there are 3rd party companies which receive your item in USA and then they resend that item to your home address you can google some of them to check prices. 
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Hello, mexican fellows.
Recently Ebay/Estafeta offer shipment altenatives at interesting prices. Any component under $50 pays no taxes, and anything over it´s 16%. It a lot, but might be worth checking.

On another note, ¿no hay un foro del tema en español? Soy principiante y me cuesta muchísimo aprender de fidelidad en otro idioma.


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