Buffalo 24 + AMB M3 + HD650
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Jul 26, 2008
After joining the forums towards the end of last year I got interested in getting a nicer headphone amp. After buying a LD MKV I think about a day went by before I decided to buy the TPA Buffalo kit.

It wasn't long before I wanted an M3.

It's been a slow process but I finally got my Buffalo that I bought back in February cased up along with a partially built M3 I purchased from the boards.

It all sounds absolutely fantastic. I had some hum with the M3 in a cardboard box. It's dead silent and the STEPS is in its own case now which makes a difference.

This is certainly the best I've ever heard music sound. I'm already planning on the upgrade to a Buffalo 32 and B22 hehe. Talk about an addiction.

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