Budget Sport IEM recommendation
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Jun 27, 2013
Hello folks, I'm looking for some recommendations for some good IEMs for weightlifting.I have not kept up with headphones for the last several years so I am quite out of the loop. I've learned not to trust the lists that google brings up when searching for headphones but if you have any links that you think summarize various options well I am open to those! I am currently using my Bose QC 30s but the collar is annoying for certain lifts and I am worried about sweating on them too much.

  • Comfortable
  • Wireless (Not necessarily "true" wireless. I do not mind if they are connected to each other with a wire but I do not want the ones that have a collar.)
  • Budget: $50 or less. Ideally less but would like to hit the price/performance sweet spot and if I could get something that is "good enough" for under $20 I would be a very happy camper
  • Be able to answer calls on them
  • Controls on the IEMs (being able to pause/change volume. Skip song would be nice but not essential)
  • Comfortable
I am not super worried about sound quality on these but I do not want any that have distractingly bad sound quality. As long as they are not painful to listen to that should be good enough. FWIW though I prefer a warmish sound signature with rolled of highs and slightly mid-forward sound and "punchy" as opposed to "boomy" bass. Absolutely love my RE-400s and 600s as well as my Mad Dogs 3.2 if that helps anyone. I am more concerned about functionality and price over sound signature but I figure it cannot hurt to mention these preferences in case it will help some awesome person help me find the perfect pair.

Thanks in advance y'all!

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