Budget fi review: Panasonic XBS RP-HT21
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I recall back in my youth days, I had a panasonic XBS cd player with XBS head phones. from my recollection, the sound was very nice, this was when panasonic was made in Japan and the sound was warm and clear. panasonic has always had a good impression with me in regards to their now vintage PCDP. This was long before I got seriously into audio. and probably before long before portable headphone applications and serious headphone amps came about. Long before I got into headphones and home theater and fiddling with mixers and studio equipment and before I had an appreciation for acoustic live music and vocal singing.

So I was strolling through Fry's today and saw a pair of Panasonic XBS RP-HT21. I wonder if they would bring me back to nostalgia and my youth music listening days when the only thing I used headphones were for gaming on the PC.

Not sure if they make these things like they used to, but hey, it was $4.99.
so I picked them up, and at the most I could have fun modding them.

so far a few minutes into listening here are my views...
running wavs out of my laptop into the micro stack, cross feed enabled..

out of the box,
how does it sound?

do these sound like $5 headphones? Id say they are slightly above that.
but not by much.

It actually has more bass response than I was expecting. The sound stage is pretty non-existant. and it seems to have difficulty seperating instruments. Sound reproduction is rather poor. Everything sounds tiny and distant. There is definately imposed coloration. There is a slight shrillness. Almost tin can like sound.

hrm.. will this improve with burn in? Not sure. I was hoping to find some for of acceptable sound. But for $5 I think that might be asking too much, since Ive been spoiled of would couldve been with the music.

I will try to burn in some more, but I might not be patient enough to wait that long. These sound pretty bad.

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