Budget entry into IEMs - £30 ($60) or less
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Jul 7, 2007
I'm looking for an entry into IEMs around £30 (~$60) or less. I've tried the cheap Sony ones that came with my phone and I'm starting to get used to fitting them in and my ears don't feel as sore as they did when I first tried. They have similar looking tips to the Sennheiser CX300, and come in three sizes too. Of course the sound quality is terrible, so I'm looking for something that steps up a bit.

Really I'm looking for something quite similar; I don't mind a little trade off in isolation so I'm not shoving things really deep into my ears (my ears get fairly waxy and I don't like the idea of pushing that really far in). I want to start cheap because I may not be using them so often to start off with, plus if I can't fit them at all it's less money wasted. My K81 cut it okay for work, so these will mostly be for longer train and car journeys (not with me driving, that is).

Anyway, I've been looking at the Sennheiser range so far because they're all I really know of, but I understand their offerings in this price range are generally warm and boomy. I don't really want an IEM version of the HD497. I'm looking for more of a tight bass, with forward mids and treble, but not really shrill. I know I won't be looking at any great detail and will probably get fairly rolled off treble at this price range, but I still would like to avoid boomy bass (although like the K81 I can equalize it down if it comes to that, but the equaliser on my portable isn't that great and removes some bass extension) and recessed mid range.

So, any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I know someone will suggest something over my price range, and I will consider something a little over if it's really worth it. Also, this will be used with a Sony NW-A3000, and in my search for a portable replacement it looks like the recent iPod Classic 80GB is winning in regards to my needs so far, so that may need to be taken into account for sound presentation.

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