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Budget alternative of mrspeakers aeons closed

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Porkyan, Jan 13, 2019.
  1. Porkyan
    Is there a budget/ diet coke version of the mrspeakers aeon flow closed that is easy to drive? (Maybe a schiit fulla 2)

    I have had my mrspeakers but i decided to sell for cash. I loved it to bits but i wont be using it often and I needed the $.

    Anyways im looking at the used market so i guess there is a good chance of me snagging a good deal on even low-midfi headphones.

    Basically, I want the clarity that the aeons had (at least for vocals and piano, cant be bothered with some other instruments)

    And I'm okay with opened backs now so i suppose it shouldn't be too hard?

    I'll wanna look for a similar frequency response.

    Anyways, I've looked around: here are my current considerations (not heard any of them personally yet)

    Fidelio x2 (will bass be too much?)

    denon ah-mm400 (these seem to be really good contenders but i need people to tell me here about their view)

    Sennheiser momentum v1.0 or 2.0
    (I own the urbanites, would love less bass and more vocal/piano presence,planning to sell these)

    Do just throw a list for me to check out! :>
  2. Jodet
    Try the Massdrop Hifiman 4XX.
  3. Porkyan
    Are they hard to drive?
    Also are they similar to the 400i or the 400s?
  4. yvv
    Oppo PM-3?
  5. Jodet
    I can drive mine off my QP1R (DAP) but they sound really good with a big amp. There are lots of youtube video's comparing them to 400i's and s's. As I recall I do think these are the ones to have in this price range. They're a crazy good bargain and lots of fun to listen to. The 6xx is different... not sure if it's better (I own both). You get up to the Beyerdynamic Amiron (now at Massdrop for $469) and get improvements across the board but for just over twice the price.
  6. Porkyan
    I love those but they don't sit on my ear properly. If I can change the pads it might solve the problem :>
  7. Porkyan
    Interesting, I seldom hear about the amirons. How do they compare?
    I used to own a t90 and the treble was too much so im rather afraid of beyers

    (Edit) just checked the price for used ones, wayyy overbudget
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  8. Jodet
    There's a lot of good youtube reviews of the Amiron. It's full name is 'Amiron Home'. It is designed to be a headphone you listen to at home (as opposed to the studio). So there's an emphasis on making them more pleasant to wear and listen to than a studio can. They are lighter, more comfortable, and smoother than other Beyers (and headphones in general). I don't care for an etched high end and have avoided Beyers for that reason, but this time they avoided the 'Beyer' high end. They remind me of 650's only better across the board. More comfortable, better imaging, more extended, better midrange. They're a real treat.
  9. yvv
    The only aftermarket pads I know of are Briainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpads. Might be worth a look.
  10. Alcophone
    The few times I've compared them, the ÆON Closed and the Focal Listen sounded very similar to me. The latter can be had for $129 on sale. The ÆON are more comfortable, the Listen more portable. People with big heads tend to not like them.

    Good luck!
  11. Porkyan

    Almost 1/8 the price
    Definitely gonna give it a listen
    Alcophone likes this.
  12. Porkyan
    I have a potential deal to trade in my sennheiser urbanite xl wireless for a pair of hd598
    Should I go for it?

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