Broken Darth Beyer lead - easy repair?
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Aug 11, 2002
Since my HD600's default lead had a dodgy channel i've been using my Darth Beyer's for my main headphone full time.. they've always had their own quirk with the channels which has now started to get annoying. Basically the left channel cuts out unless i squeeze the end of the lead going into the extension cord i have it plugged into. I've unscrewed the end plug and can see its sealed, with the wires going into it.. I wonder what the feasibility is of taking it apart, trimming the lead short and then resoldering it.. though i don't have a soldering iron to hand, nor do i have any audio quality solder (if such a thing exists and is needed).

Other than trying it myself i don't know what options i have for repair.. I brought them off another headfi-er a few years ago, I presume they originated from the states originally but i dont fancy sending them all the way over there for a repair unless i have to.

Anyone in the UK know of anyone who can repair this kind of problem?

Not having the best of look at the moment, what with my SRM-717 still out of action


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