Brief introduction with one sentence to each FiiO existing models

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  1. FiiO
    With the rapid expanding of FiiO product lineup, we hereby write this article specially to make a brief introduction to each product with one sentence, so as to help you to know better of our products before buying.

    1. X1II: Sales speak for itself; the best-selling China-made Hi-Res lossless music player.

    1. X1II.jpg

    2. X3MK3:
    A classic model; Hi-Res lossless music player with dual DACs and Single-ended + Balanced outputs at the lowest price.

    2. X3MK3.jpg

    3. X5III: Awards collector with five international awards including iF, red dot, EISA, Tokyo Spring Headphone Festival Silver and Moscow Hi-Fi & Hi-End Show Product of the Year; A product with so many accreditations that needs no more words of introduction

    3. X5III.jpg

    4. X7MK2: An Android-based high-performing music player with flagship ESS9028 PRO that you can buy at the lowest price, catering to audiophiles with pursuit of perfection.

    4. X7MK2-1.jpg
    4. X7MK2-2.jpg

    X7/X7MKII Amp Modules
    : Each module provides a brand-new sound signature.

    4. X7MK2-3_副本.jpg

    5. A1: Global sales champion whose 1st generation started up FiiO’s early business.

    5. A1.jpg

    6. A3: An amplifier that always rank first on

    6. A3.jpg

    7. A5: Strong output power; an amplifier that combines the tuning essence of E12, E12A and E12DIY.

    7. A5.jpg

    8. D03K: A classic 192K/24Bit optical/coaxial converter that sells well for 4 years; sounds good, easy to use.

    8. D03K.jpg

    9. E10K: Portable USB DAC & amplifier with high sound quality; a great deal you won’t regret.

    9. E10K.jpg

    10. Q1MK2: Official Apple MFi certified USB DAC & amplifier with balanced output, a model with unbelievable high cost performance.

    10. Q1MK2.jpg

    11. BTR1: The first Bluetooth receiver in the world utilizing HiFi level DAC chip that supports lossless Bluetooth aptX

    11. BTR1.jpg

    12. K1: Tiny and inexpensive USB DAC & amplifier, a great partner with high sound quality to your laptop or desktop computer.

    12. K1.jpg

    13. i1: Official Apple MFi certified Lightning amplifier, sound quality rescuer of your iPhone7/7P/8/8P/X.

    13. i1.jpg

    14. Q1: A classic USB DAC & amplifier with extra high cost performance that sells well for 3 years.

    14. Q1.jpg

    15. K5: An exclusive docking headphone amplifier for FiiO music players with high output power that is specially used for driving full-size headphones.

    15. K5.jpg

    16. DK1: The only Chinese brand that provides exclusive dock for its music players.

    16. DK1.jpg

    17. RM1: Can be used on all FiiO music players that support Bluetooth; a great device for lazy life, as well as for your phone.

    17. RM1.jpg

    18. F1: FiiO's cheapest IEM with in-line control, which is very popular in BRIC countries such as Russia and India; in short supply all the time.

    18. F1.jpg

    19. F3: Fashion lovers as you are can't miss such a detachable decorative cover IEM utilizing graphene driver diaphragm; in short supply all the time.

    19. F3.jpg

    20. F5: Official Apple MFi certified IEM with aerospace titanium diaphragm and detachable MMCX connector providing good sound quality.

    20. F5.jpg

    21. F9: Triple driver hybrid IEM with remarkable looks, sound quality and cost performance; with a preference to popular tone tuning; in short supply ever since its release

    21. F9.jpg

    22. RC-series balanced cables: a series with no rivals at this price and craftsmanship.

    22. RC-Cables.jpg

    23. RC-MMCX1s: a short cable specially made for i1, BTR1 to use with interchangeable earphones such as F5 and F9.

    23. RC-MMCX1s.jpg
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  2. FiiO
    24. L16/L17: Utilizing pure PCOCC cable that snapped up at the discontinuing announcement of Furukawa Electric; L16 with double straight plugs and L17 with double L-shape plugs; You can find no PCOCC wire could be more cost-effective and guaranteed than these two cables.

    24. L16.jpg 24. L17.jpg

    25. L21: An exclusive RCA coaxial digital adapter cable for FiiO music players.

    25. L21.jpg

    26. L26: A 3.5mm male to 2.5mm TRRS female audio adapter cable made according to the needs of customers.

    26. L26.jpg

    27. HB1: An earphone carrying case with great sales out of expectation; maybe the only model of FiiO that with no negative evaluations, lol.

    27. HB1.jpg

    28. HS7: An earphone carrying case specially used for free gifts, maybe handed out for more than 100,000 pcs, lol.

    28. HS7.jpg
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  3. JK1
    I see that you have the RC-MMCX1s cable for connecting the F5 to a standard(3 conductor) stereo source. It is a pity that it doesn't have a right angle plug, and a version with a right angle plug is not included with the F5. Here's an idea. Release a second F5 package without a case, and with just one cable, a right angle 3 connector stereo cable, and have it priced at under $50.

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