Brainwavz ProAlpha - Why are these not a lot more popular?

  1. CyberGhost
    They are by the best in-ears I've ever listened to, the quality these IEMs produce is astounding!

    Recently I took out my earphone collection and compared them all.

    I have Sennheiser CX300, CX310, CX95, Sony MDR-EX650AP, Xiaomi Piston 3, Hifiman 400, VSonic GR7 MKII, Couple of Brainwavz and some other cheaper earphones.

    Sony 650s are very boomy and too bassy, but cleaner than Xiaomi and Sennheisers. CX300 are very loud and bright, but lack quality and bass. CX310 is more of a recessed V shaped and Sony, CX310 and Xiaomi Piston have a very similar sound signature, with Sony being the cleanest but also the most bassy.

    Then I compared them to VSonic GR7 MKII. And VSonic was clearly better, cleaner, very balanced, nice bass, treble, everything. Also a bit V shaped but clearly better than the rest.

    Hifiman is all mids, nothing else. It's "clean" but really nothing special. Boring IEMs with mids that are OK, but again, nothing special.

    Finally, it came time to put Brainwavz in the mix. I started with M1, which sounds great! And really gives VSonic a run for the money. I think VSonic is still cleaner though.

    Next was M5, which I did not like at all.

    Then I tried Alpha, which immediately struck me as super clean with a beautiful treble. It was cleaner than VSonic, but not more well rounded.

    And then I tried Brainwavz ProAlpha and I was shocked. Shocked at how good these IEMs sound! They are spectacular. Cleaner than even Alphas, with a nice tight bass, fantastic treble. They are clearly better than everything I've listened to so far, including VSonic GR7 MK2s.

    And this begs the question. How come ProAlphas are not revered as much as VSonic GR7 or Shure 215? They cost considerably less, but are better. Do people not know about this brand? I bought the first pair as part of a shopping spree on Amazon. And now I want to try their Delta series, S5 and B200 IEMs.

    I also want to check out Yamaha EPH-100, Dunu Titan1 and VSonic VSD5 but I really don't think they will be better than ProAlphas.
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  2. jant71
    They are just no longer popular. They first came out over 7 years ago. Also, you may just have a good synergy as they were pretty good but not deemed that good.
  3. CyberGhost
    It's strange because they are still great. I doubt there is anything better even now at this price range.

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