Brainstorming what to get !!
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New Head-Fier
Nov 16, 2008
Hey guys,

Im thinking of upgrading my stuff. When i first started reading this forum, i got the ksc75 and did the kramer mod cuz of their affordability and price/performance ratio. Then got the er6i's cause i wanted something for classical & jazz, and the isolation & portability. Then some one gave me some supra-aural sony mdr-710s.

anyways, recently have gotten back into the R&B, hip-hop & trance and the er6i are lacking very much in bass even when using foam tips. (i like the clarity and sound of the er6i though) so was thinking of getting a new pair of IEM around 50-100 usd price range.. been thinkin about ne7m .. but are there any other good suggetions

secondly, wanted to get a new portable-ish headphones that are comfortable (for long periods of time) and isolate well... and are good for classical, jazz, R&B, hip-hop. so i guess i need something closed. and for these.. was thinking Audio-techs es55 or es7 .. are there anything else around that price range which are suitable for my music preference? preferable they can be un-amped!

thanks in advance!

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