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Brahms' Piano Quintet - Your Favorite Recording?

Discussion in 'Music' started by finnishflash, Jun 23, 2009.
  1. FinnishFlash
    I've recently been building up a basic collection of Brahms' chamber music, trying to find - if not a definite recording - at least a "keeper" library recording of each work that will satisfy in the long run. Turning to the great piano quintet, I find (as obviously is often is the case with great works) that opinions as to top recommendations seem to differ quite a bit. I have read some very good things about the recent Andsnes/Artemis Quartet and Fleischer/Emerson Quartet recordings, but also tried and tested recordings by Pollini/ Quartetto Italiano and Serkin/ Budapest String Quartet seem do well in the competition. Having found the views of this esteemed auditorium very reliable in the past, I am curious to hear about your recommendations. If you were to recommend only one recording of the piano quintet, which would that be?
  2. gilency Contributor
  3. FinnishFlash
    Thanks gilency for the endorsement, that Emerson/Fleischer recording indeed looks tempting. Anyone else got any recommendations?

    PS. I am pleased to hear your wife and son enjoyed Finland, summer is indeed the time of the year to visit this country!
  4. classicalguy
    Eschenbach/Amadeus is very good. Very powerful. It may only be available in a DG set. I'd love to hear the new Takacs/Hough on Hyperian.
  5. Bunnyears Contributor
    Takacs Quartet and Stephen Hough really does it for me. I think it's even better than the Emerson/Fleisher recording, which is saying a lot.

  6. FinnishFlash
    Thanks for the heads up on Takacs/Hough! Although i greatly admire the involved artists in other repertoire, this recording has somehow managed to slip under my radar.
  7. One Eye
    The Leipzig Quartet / Andreas Steir on D & G superbly played. Sadly though no filler.
  8. Mieszko
    I personally prefer  Bartok Quartet + Dezso Ranki, 1976 (I 've got the vinyl version edited by Hungaroton, but there is a CD available, too). I think they got closest to my image of the "romantic Brahms" in the Austro-Hungarian version. But maybe because this recalls my youth...?

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