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Bose Ae2 crackling

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by majinchuck, Nov 2, 2013.
  1. majinchuck
    Greetings Everyone!,
    New to this site, but a long time lurker; I owe you guys a ton of gratitude for introducing me to the lovely brand known as kilpsch. But now on to my question/cocern or you kind folks.
    The Bose AE2's. I was torn when buying this model. From researching them here, and on numerous other forums, I drew the conclusion I'm sure many of you are familiar with- "comfortable but not worth the money". Now for someone who has a larger than usual head, and whose ears get surprisingly hot, comfort had to tie with sound quality as a top priority rather than be second to it when it come to purchasing a pair of headphones that weren't  an in ear model. I had the opportunity to try these on, and instantly fell in love with the comfort of them, but for the $150 dollar price tag I just could not justify them. Then, one day out of the blue, I was able to score the AE2I model for about $95 and jumped on them; I figured worst case scenario I should be able to resell them for that much. 
    Now, I have tried these headphones out on numerous sources, from computer, to iphone, to tablet, and I am finding that when I push the devices to about two clicks from their max volume these things begin to distort like nobody's business. Before the fidelity of the audio files i brought into question- I Have only tested flac files ranging from classical music to R&B and J-pop.
    I've tested the same files on the same devices with my klipsch headphones, and only at the very max does the audio begin to distort, and even then it's very very minimal.
    Seeing as most audiophiles tend to have a bad taste in their mouth for bose products, I have been hard pressed to find unbiased, educated responses online to issues regarding the AE2. Have any of the owners on this forum run into similar issues with their model, or is it possible that I have been handed a faulty unit? I am also curious to here some responses as to whether or not these begin to sound better as they are broken in a little bit, how long they take to break in etc.. I have no delusion that these we'll be the best sounding headphones I will ever own, I just want something extremely comfortable with a slightly above average sound to listen to when I need to be in front of a computer for 6-8 hours straight.
    Any advice, comments, feedback, and just general opinions are all welcome. Thank you all in advance for any help you may offer, and thank you all for creating a community like this where these question can even be asked. 
  2. majinchuck
    C'mon guys, no feedback at all? I'm really trying to figure out if I should just sell these; and feed back would be useful.
  3. Shawn71
    break-in for about 50 hours,see the difference and run another 50hrs. hear and share what's changed now.

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