Bluetooth in-ears
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Jul 8, 2001
Hey, all
My name is Mike Arnopol. I haven't been on the forums in a long time. My jazz trio played some years back at the Can Jam in Chicago. I'm the bassist on the Patricia Barber recordings.
I started a new business building high end speakers for professional bassists. I listen to music and books on tape while working. While I own a pair of JH13 cans, I typically listen to Steel Series or JVC FXT90s with my phone in my pocket while I'm working. It's a pain in the butt with the cords--and not that great for answering the phone.
So I'm thinking of getting a Bluetooth set of in-ears.Don't want to spend crazy money. I was looking at the highly regarded Sony  SBH80 but I'm worried about them not being too secure and falling out---I'm sawing up wood and assembling cabs and want to make sure the cans stay in place, hopefully sound good and are comfortable. Any ideas?

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