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Bluesound Node 2i Headphone Humming Sound

  1. Andyb90
    Hi everyone,

    My first post here. I have been researching music streamers for a while and decided to go with a Bluesound Node 2i. I'd planned to use it primarily with my V-Moda headphones for streaming from Tidal and Qobuz.

    I received the unit a couple of days ago, plugged it in and set it up via the BluOS Android app. Next I plugged my headphones in to the 3.5mm jack on the front of the unit. Immediately I noticed a humming noise in the headphones before any music is played. I had the unit plugged into a mains socket directly and no other devices connected.

    Next I decided to connect the Node 2i to my AV receiver via its coax output to see if the sound could be heard through speakers. The headphone hum stopped and I couldn't detect it via the speakers either. When I removed the coax it came back, but I brushed my finger across the output and the hum stopped again.

    I'd be grateful if anyone could advise me on what is causing this issue and why it stops when my AV receiver is connected or the output connector is touched. Does it sound like a fault with the unit?

  2. Andyb90
    I've since taken the unit back to the vendor. They've tested it and confirmed there is a fault. I guess I was just unlucky as the vendor said they've never had a problem with a Bluesound unit before. They've offered me a replacement unit, but don't have a lead time on when one will be available or there are a few other options. I think I'll post a separate thread about the options as I think there are different pros and cons, but would be good to get some advice.
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