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Blew one of my Shure 535 earbuds... but it came back to life?

  1. plumsauce
    Hi everyone I'm new to these forums.. just hoping to maybe hear from someone who perhaps has encountered the same situation as this.
    So a month ago I foolishly plugged my cherished S535 ear buds into a elliptical at the gym without first checking the volume on the machine. Whoever had used the elliptical before me had courteously left the volume on max.. Fortunately I didn't fully insert the jack so only the right side received any input. Regardless it made a weird loud sound almost like a sharp whistle (pretty audible considering the monitors were around my neck). The right side completely stopped working after that but the left side still worked perfectly.
    I was just about to send them into Shure for repair but I was feeling optimistic today so I gave them a try and the right side is working fine again! I turned them up pretty good and the sound is still clear. So I'm pretty relieved but I can't help but think I've done some permanent damage to them? Do you guys suggest me still sending them in and having them checked out? They are still under warantee so I don't want it to fail again say 6 months from now after my warantee is up..
    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.
  2. MaxwellDemon
    Might as well send them in to give them a check up in that scenario... unless you don't want to spend a few weeks without your SE535. I always say better be safe than sorry with expensive IEMs.

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