Black Sabbath UICY JAPAN Bootleg or Official?
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New Head-Fier
Jun 5, 2013
I have heard that
Headless cross 2010 Japan UICY-92504 I.R.S.
Tyr 2010 Japan UICY-92505
DEhumanizer deluxe mini-lp cd Japan UICY-92506
Cross Purposes deluxe mini-lp cd Japan UICY-92507
Forbidden deluxe mini-lp cd Japan UICY-92508

are counterfeit russian bootlegs and not official releases?

how about
Eternal Idol Deluxe Remaster 2010 UICY-75117 (different digit code range than the above)

and these which i was sure was legitimate releases?
Live Evil Japan SHM-CD UICY-94398 2010-01-27
Past LivesJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-75111 2011-08-24
Born AgainJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-75113 2011-08-24
Seventh StarJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-75115 2011-08-24
Eternal IdolJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-75117 2011-08-24
Black SabbathJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-94180 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
ParanoidJapanSHM-CD (3)UICY-94182 2009-08-26 2010-04-03
Master Of RealityJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-94183 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
Black Sabbath Vol.4JapanSHM-CDUICY-94185 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' RollJapanSHM-CD (2)UICY-94188 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
Never Say DieJapanSHM-CDUICY-94394(2010-01-27)
Heaven And HellJapanSHM-CDUICY-94395(2010-01-27)
Live At LastJapanSHM-CDUICY-94396(2010-01-27)
Mob RulesJapanSHM-CDUICY-94397(2010-01-27)
Live EvilJapanSHM-CDUICY-94398(2010-01-27)
Born AgainJapanSHM-CDUICY-94399(2010-01-27)
Seventh StarJapanSHM-CDUICY-94400(2010-01-27)
The Eternal IdolJapanSHM-CDUICY-94401(2010-01-27)
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CDUICY-94186 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
SabotageJapanUniversal24bit SHM-CDUICY-94187 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
Technical EcstacyJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CDUICY-94190 2009-08-26 reprinted 2011-12-29
Never Say DieJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CDUICY-94471 2010-04-21 reprinted 2011-12-29
Heaven And HellJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CD ( 2)UICY-94472 2010-04-21 reprinted 2011-12-29
Mob RulesJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CD ( 2)UICY-94474 2010-04-21 reprinted 2011-12-29
Live EvilJapanUniversalDSD SHM-CD (2)UICY-94476 2010-04-21 reprinted 2011-12-29
Paranoid Japan24 November 2010Universal MusicSHM-CDUICY-20039

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