Black Friday Specials - an HD 660S2 for HOW MUCH?!?
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Feb 10, 2010
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Hello Head-Fi,

Happy Black Friday Sales week to those who celebrate!

We just posted some deals on a wide variety of 🎧 headphones and 🔊 sound bars in the US. In the States, you can get most of these same deals from our fine network of authorized retailers (many of which are great sponsors of Head-Fi) and all the aforementioned deals are also available on our web store. As always, selection and local pricing will vary by region (EU, Asia, for example), as will availability -- some of these items are expected to sell out.

If you want even earlier access to more deals, we recommend signing up for our mailing list. We are quite light on email volume, so no worries about clogging your inbox. Tip: don't forget to click "Show More" to see 'em all.

Happy Holidays!
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I already bought the 660S2 from Amazon earlier this year (I think it was back in July) when they were briefly available for $399 then, too -- great price, great headphones! I gave away my older 660S originals to a musician friend who is using them for professional purposes.
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What a shame I paid full price as an early adopter. 😑
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Ie600 is a silly good price.

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