Bird nest box camera audio buzz with 20m cable - preventable interference or just garbage mic?
May 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM Thread Starter Post #1 of 2


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May 25, 2015
I have this camera fitted to a nest box in my garden connected to my computer via the 20 meter AV cable supplied with it.
The audio features an extremely overbearing buzzing sound that renders it effectively worthless.
I wondered if this could be some kind of interference due to the length of the cable (I know very little about these things) and if it could possibly be mitigated using something like this or if it's simply a terrible/defective microphone.
In this sample you can just about make out the sound of the parent bird entering the box and the nestlings tweeting, however it is all but drowned out by the obnoxious humming:

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