Big sales for this new week & New Flagship IEM arrival
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Jun 4, 2013
Hey there,

Good week starts! We're glad to say that there is another floor discount for this fantastic week! It happens on SHENZHENAUDIO from August 23rd-27th, that you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week! No hesitation to get the gears you're most eager for! For ensuring a worry-free shopping experience for our customers, we provide a 30-day price guarantee and 30days no reason return! Act it!

In addition, we'd love to introduce a new shiny IEM from TANCHJIM, PRISM, their new flagship 1DD+2BA.

PRISM adopts a classic family-style appearance and an overall milled 316 stainless steel shell. Based on the feedback of the previously launched classic products Oxygen and HANA, the design and wearing have been further optimized. The adjustment of the length and angle of the catheter makes the overall wearing experience more comfortable. Inspired by the Helmholtz resonant cavity texture inside the acoustic cavity, the faceplate uses sapphire glass and an acoustic labyrinth pattern similar to the inner cavity which brings elegant and gorgeous looks.

In addition to the upgrade of the appearance, PRISM also has a significant improvement in the audio structure. Configured with a DTM4 dynamic driver and dual balanced armature Sonion drivers, it presents high detail resolution, delicate natural vocals, and a well-extended highs section. Dominated by a dynamic driver, supplemented by carefully selected and debugged sound-raising balanced armature units. The overall tone is based on the DD unit, which is more harmonious.

What should be mentioned is its cable, another characteristic feature of PRISM. The outer layer of the cable is surrounded by a shielding layer of silver foil, and the inner core is composed of Litz single crystal copper silver plating and Litz oxygen-free copper core. The Y-split is decorated with shining Austrian crystal, which presents its efficient conductivity and extraordinary quality.

Ending, Now, Go ahead for worry-free shopping and check out this extraordinary charming IEM! Don't hesitate to visit! Of course, any questions, comments are welcome.
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