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BGT Audio .. no response

  1. s4life
    I sent Brian Goto my westone 4s on March 21st so that he could add a removable mod. He said he'd do it in 3 to 4 weeks. I sent him a message a week ago, and then a couple more in the last few days.. he hasn't replied to any of them. Any advise on what to do here? is this normal?
  2. s4life
    Still no reply.. 10 days and counting, after he said he was shipping my headphones.
    I know he's built a reputation here which is why I initially decided to trust him and send him my headphones. Anyone around here can get in contact w him? I am $60 cash and pair of westone 4s down with nothing to show for it. This is really annoying. For anyone who's thinking in sending him expensive headphones, please think again. How is he allowed to be a vendor in this website????
  3. Shredicus
    I've had Brian recable a set of cans for me recently, and he currently has another set to be recabled.

    My advice is be patient and your westones will probably show up soon. Communication on his end can be spotty, but I've known him to be a solid guy.

    Sorry if that's not what you want to hear; I know the anxiety of waiting for a recable though lol
  4. s4life
    I hope you are right, it's been two weeks and he hasn't replied to any email and message I sent him. That's just so weird for someone who's got an online business. I suppose I'll wait for a few days more and keep this updated. Is there any thread here for vendor feedback? this is definitely something I wish I had known before sending him my headphones and money and I don't wish for anyone to go through.

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