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Beyerdynamic Slide Repair

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by san7a, Oct 16, 2016.
  1. San7a
    The sliders on my DT-770 have busted in half pretty badly. I saw you could order a repair kit on the Beyerdynamic website here:
    But the total comes to 43.53 USD with their flat 15 dollar shipping fee. [​IMG]
    I saw that there was a 3D model of the plastic parts floating on the interwebz:
    Does anyone know how I could go about 3D printing these (I don't have a 3D printer)? Or an alternative to save myself some money... It's really just a cosmetic issue. I can live with it, but it would be cool to find a fix!
  2. MooTaters
    I know this is an old post, but in case anyone else comes by and hasn't found this yet, I figured I'd throw this link here(below). It looks like it's the same thing, and I believe they have 3 options to choose from that use different methods, one I believe uses community based printing. I might have to get them soon, because I just got a free set by contacting Beyerdynamic back in May, and both have already cracked in the middle inside...and if I do say so myself, I'm far from abusive with my headphones. It's obvious that it's just incredibly poorly engineered to crack on pretty much everyone. It was nice that they did it for free, because while I never mentioned the warranty, they were out of it, though I mentioned an approximate time period within which they had originally started cracking(which was during the warranty period). I love many things about my DT770 Pro 250ohms but the fact that the sliders are obviously built to not last in any way really bugs me.

  3. demevalos
    That's awesome, they look pretty nice and everyone who has them says that they're a much more durable material. However, one person who had them printed said that adding these increased the clamping force and pressure on the top of his head? That would make it unusable for me, i already have some issues with that, and they're stock.
  4. MooTaters
    Where did someone say that? Just curious as I looked at the tinkercad and thingiverse, and saw nothing posted there about it.
  5. demevalos
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  6. MooTaters
    Well I just got a couple pairs through a somewhat local printer on 3DHubs since my replacements from Beyerdynamics already cracked fully through even though they were still working. Got it done in ABS, and they do add some pressure on the sides of my head but where the padding is still there on the headband, and I haven't noticed any fatigue from it...though YMMV. They were also kind enough to include a pair in some orange Ninjatech Cheetah filament free of charge because it was a sample of it, and the prints were small enough. The edges and insides all came out a bit rough, but the outer facing parts looked nice and smooth(only a visual texture really). Though I'm still thinking of sanding them, and I did have to drill out holes for the inner side of the sliders, otherwise the screws end up tapping it which leads to issues when trying to get them tightened together. Can't say what the drill bit size was though because it was from this old RC tool kit thing I have laying around.

    Edit: Might post pictures once I get the chance.
    Also I used the model from the link below as I preferred the appearance of the L and R
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  7. demevalos
    yes please post some pics! interested in a set myself, preemptively anticipating my original ones breaking haha
  8. MooTaters
    The texture on the sides(with the R and L) isn't as noticeable if you don't catch the light on it at an angle like that, and feels smooth to the touch. That orange is also a pinch more orange than it looks in the picture, but very much has more of a texture to it as you can see in the pic. I'm considering getting sand paper and seeing what that does for the appearance.

  9. demevalos
    Oh they look super nice! I particularly like the black set, I think they look even better than stock
  10. Bardaine
    I own a pair of "Chromed" DT 880 cans with busted sliders, and this seems to be exactly what I need.

    I don't have any local sources for 3D printed stuff, though. How would I go about getting a set of these?

    Here's a picture of what I have. Am I correct in thinking that the headphone can be fixed with these parts?

  11. demevalos
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  12. Bardaine
    Wow, that was fast. Thank you. 8)

    Unfortunately, there were no screws in the sliders for this particular headphone, and what you see on the picture is all I have left. Here's a stock picture of this particular 880, to give you an idea of what it looked like before. Both of those sliders cracked right in the middle and took a serious amount of force to get off.

    Do you still think these parts will work?

  13. demevalos
    It appears that the metal sliders are the same as the DT770, so I can't see why it wouldn't work, unless the headband works differently with the sliders. I'd say go for it
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  14. Bardaine
    Excellent. Thank you.
  15. MooTaters
    I used 3dhubs.com, the person I found to print wasn't literally local, but maybe about an hour's drive away. They were also rather well rated on 3dhubs. Selecting a "hub" on there does decide what materials you can print with as it depends on what the person has for filament.

    If you don't have the little clips which should have been on the part with the sizing bumps, that is required for sizing. The video below might explain it a bit better. You might even be able to get a new set if you just explain what broke to beyerdynamic, they didn't even ask about warranty info for me(though I did mention they cracked fully but still worked within the first year), just for an address. Though if yours didn't have screws and you want to maybe switch to these 3d printed ones in the future you may want to attempt to get a replacement of the regular edition's sliders. The full slider kit they sent me as a replacement back in May that cracked all the way through already came with 4 screws and all the plastic bits.

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