Beyerdynamic DT990 removeable cable mod

  1. FrozenPanda
    So im attempting to do a removeable cable mod on my dt990. I'm trying to put a mini-xlr jack. I've already widened the hole to the point where the jack will fit.. however.. the driver does not fit in flush as it used to... What is the best way to solve this? I don't think the hole can be made so that it doesnt interfere with the driver... Do i cut part of the driver? or the jack? Have other people done similar mods? I can post pictures later if anybody wants.
    Yes, cut a small part out of the driver baffle, but just big enough for the mini xlr connector. If it's any bigger it'll affect the sound.
    Did this the other day.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. FrozenPanda
    Man whoever said that beyerdynamics were not mid friendly was not kidding.. I guess I put too much heat on the ground pin on the driver and it came right out.. I put it back in physically but it seems im not getting signal.. Do I have a dead driver?
    Probably man :/ they are easy to mess up. 
  5. FrozenPanda
    zz... and its not like a replacement driver would be cheap... crap..
    Fish around under the tab with some solder and maybe you'll get lucky and get the voicecoil wire. 
    If you can find a broken pair of DT770 or dt880 250 ohm on eBay, they have the sameddrivers as the dt990.
  8. Armaegis
    Nah, just get yourself a pair of the Tesla drivers and plop then in [​IMG]
  9. FrozenPanda
    yeah, this is a bit of a pickle.. 
    How much would a pair of broken 770's or 880's run me? I don't see a pair anywhere on ebay but maybe i'm not looking correctly..
    Which phones have the same drivers as the 990's 250 ohm? I would need one which is also 250 ohm right?
  10. TrollDragon
    If you look with magnification near the tab you should see the voice coil wire there if you didn't snap it off at the base.

    The way others and myself have fixed this is you will have to move the remaining voicecoil wire to the center tab as it won't reach any more to the proper tab. Just wrap what is left around the tab with a little screwdriver or pick and apply lots of solder.

    You can't tin the voicecoil wire so don't even try it just melts.

    Measure it with a meter and if you get resistance you are laughing.

    Make sure you have the flat side of the xlr socket facing up to give you a little more room. If there is really not enough room you will have to oblong the hole a bit and use a washer on the outside to hide the excess.

    Good luck!
  11. selvakumar
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  12. demevalos

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