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Better sound? Vmoda Bass Freq vs Phillips she9550

  1. lebomb
    Has anyone actually heard the two?  I own the Vmodas, and was wondering how they compare to the Phillips?  I read the Phillips got great reviews............deep bass like the Bass Freq, but with great highs as well. 
  2. lebomb
    Nevermind..............I answered my own question with a head to head review of both.  First of all I tried the Philips, they sounded really good......deep bass, nice mids and highs.  I was impressed for $30.  Then I plugged in my Vmodas............WOW!!!  They were louder right off the bat, I hit pause on my MP3 and just plugged them in.  They also had more bass.......it dropped lower and had more impact.  The mids and highs were just as good.  Actually the mids were better on the Bass Freq.  Well.  I answered my own question.  Im returning the Philips and keeping my Vmodas.  These are some good earbuds. 
  3. skater-andy
    :L im thinking of getting the philips after this (http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/456494/30-iem-review-philips-she-9550-ultimate-ears-metrofi-170-sennheiser-cx-300-ii-precision) review

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