Better price-for-performance item in general: Mini^3 or Ibasso D3?
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Jun 29, 2005
I know that a lot more things are involved than just saying this amp is better than that amp... but if I break down the details to the specifics, a lot of people probably won't reply since they haven't tried a particular setup/item in the chain yet.

So... I wanted to know which of these two popular items in general is better in terms of value-for-money: The Mini^3 or the Ibasso D3?

The D3 is a bit more pricey, but it's a DAC/amp compared to the Mini^3, which is only an amp.

My sources are an iPod and a laptop, so the D3 will be great for the laptop I imagine.

Vote and discuss please
Even if all you have to go on are user reviews and other people's impressions, as long as you can make an educated guess please do still vote. Hehehe.
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Well.. like you said. One has a dac, and one doesn't.
The d3 looks like a fairly capable device. the only question is whether the extra $110 is worth the DAC section.
If you're going to use it a good deal with your laptop, I think it is.

I'd be a little concerned about the batteries though. It looks like alkaline batteries if I'm not mistaken which can be a pain(and pricey) to replace frequently.

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