Best unamped closed cans at different price ranges for listening to ALL genres
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Dec 12, 2009
Hey guys, so I'm really enjoying my budget phone RX700s, but-curse this place-I want more. Though I probably won't be buying anything anytime soon, I'm curious, especially if I can try it out at J&R. You can consider this an imaginary what-to-buy thread.

I'd be looking for a neutral overall balanced sound. I have very limited hifi listening experience, but from what I've heard, and just knowing myself, I like headphones that don't color the sound too much; I just want my music to sound natural, as close as I can to actually being there, even if that means hearing all the flaws. My RX700s have a very "clean" sound, I'd like my next set to sound similar. I listen to pretty much every genre you can imagine, in balanced proportions. I just like everything. I think my RX700s are good in this respect except for their weak soundstage, and that the bass could be more prominent. My sister's FC700s win in both of these areas. I'm a sucker for big, open soundstaging, even for rock music, and I wouldn't mind some more bass on my JVCs.

I really don't like open cans. The sound leakage makes me feel uncomfortable, and they are no good for recording.

Style is a big plus, but by no means a requirement.

I like comfy squishy stuff ^_^ Heat is not a concern: I prefer it since I'm pretty much hypersensitive to the cold.

I'd like to know what you guys feel are the best at different price ranges, starting at 40, up to 400. I wanna make sure the sound is an upgrade from the RX700s though, which sometimes get such high praise that I find it hard to make sure I'm actually gonna like my upgrade.

Oh, and they gotta sound good unamped, preferably not toooo far from their amped sound. Though I realize I'm never getting the same quality from an MP3 player or laptop as I would from a properly powered system, I simply do not like dealing(or paying) much to tune my sound right. I would like headphones I can plug in and just sound good(I don't mind burn in though, actually I kind of like it).

Right now the Denon D2000s are my fav option.

Some additional questions: Any suggestions for a neutral sounding portable headphones? Are the PX200IIs any better than the RX700s? I was looking at the Yuin PKs as well.


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