Best sounding true wireless earbuds
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Dec 10, 2015
I know sound quality can be subjective. But I'm sure there has to be a clear winner when it comes to something as new as truly wireless earbuds. In terms of sound which are the best? I've been seeing that the momentum true wireless are supposed to be the best, but that the Sony wf-1000xm3 are just as good for about 70 dollars less. And the WF are the earbuds, not over ear, Sony really needs to work on names. I know the Sony's just came out very recently does anyone have advice or opinion? I'm not too concerned about minor details, those I can figure out. I really just want to know about pure sound. I'm going to be wearing them around my college campus but I gotta have my tunes to get me through the day. I should note I love Sennheiser, I have the HD1 free and the HD598 open back. Both are phenomenal but I'm more then happy to pay 70 dollars less for the Sony's if the sound is just as good or close. Thanks.

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