Best sound for under 30 Dollars?
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Jun 24, 2007
Hey everyone this is my first post here and im sure you guys get alot of the "help me pick out headphones" threads. Im sorry to contribute to that but Ive done some research and really needed an opinion.

Im looking at portable headphones for my Creative Vision M. Im looking at these right now, if you guys could show me other phones that are good or tell me which is the best out of them, it would be really awesome:

Sennheiser MX500
Koss KSC-75
Panasonic RP-HJE50

Also im thinking of spending a bit more and getting the Sharp MD33 but im not sure if thats going to give me a performance leap.

I dont really care what the headphones look like or what style they are, just as long as im getting a good product and its not too bulky.

Thanks alot in advance!
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well not sure about the panasonics but the KSC75s were the reason I sold my Grados and Sonys.
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How much would i have to spend to hit the next level in sound quality.
I mean like a step above the KSC75's.
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Ok thanks a bunch, I'll go with the KSC-75's and I'll see what happnes.
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Originally Posted by Su_Root /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ok thanks a bunch, I'll go with the KSC-75's and I'll see what happnes.

You won't be disappointed. Best $30 'phones I ever listened to.
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Looks good. Want me to let you know what I think of them?
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KSC 75's certainly are a great pair of 'phones for the price. If you happen to dislike the clip-ons they can be modded quite easily with a headband. There's a few threads about that on here if you do some searching.
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Theyre coming soon. I got them at for a good price (imo).
18 dollars - 10 dollars from google check out = 8 dollars + 4 for shipping = 12 dollars for my KSC-75's.
Not too shabby eh?

My wallets already feeling lighter. 4 going onto 5 posts and ive bought 2 new headphones. I saw a thread about the JVC Marshmallows and decided i didnt want to go without headphones while waiting for my KSC-75's and went out to circuit city and bought a pair.
I like them, pretty comfy with the stock tips (i think they are called?) but then i saw how people were getting shure ones and now i really want to try that.

12 + 18 = 30 dollars spent since finding Head-Fi.

I dont think I'll go back to "crappy" sound after this. My marshmallows sound better then what ive heard before and i dont think ill go back.

Can I say that ive got a new addiction?
Thanks alot guys. I'm heading on vacation to my home country for 2 months, after that I'll go for an upgrade.

I'll either go with the Shure E2c's or some Grados after these. Thanks for reading guys and have fun with your audio ventures.
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Originally Posted by Pangaea /img/forum/go_quote.gif
amazon has them for 10.00 bucks from one of their vendors right now. With shipping its 15 bucks for one of the best under $100 phones out there. Not a bad deal.

Careful. I think the ones everyone is talking about are the open back titanium driver ones (for $17). These are the same as the ones from Radio Shack (I saw them for $25). Judging by the pic the $10 ones are closed back also.

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