Best price for ath-a900
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Hey, I have decided to go for the ath-a900's cause I need a good closed pair of headphones and I like to play games/watch movies on top of listening to music so I thought that these would be a very versatile pair. As for music I listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly alternative and acoustic stuff. I was just wondering where would be the best place to get these for the lowest price. I know that audiocube has them for 199.99 plus shipping but I was just trying to see if there is any place that is cheaper. Going from a Bose Triport (that I got for a ridiculous deal, but still its a bose) I think I will be quite satisfied. Oh and another question I was wondering if these headphones improved with an amp cause that might be where I go for my next purchase. Curse you head-fi I'm already thinking about my next purchase even before I have bought the headphones. Thank you all for your help.
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bluetin might be a little cheaper but the spread including ebay and not including shipping is about $180-$250 so you're not going to get much better than that.

A900 pads are complete garbage, though, so you might consider picking up some A1000 pads from bluetin while you're at it.
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Sounds good thanks for your help. Are the A1000 pads more comfortable or something? Oh and I was wondering if something like the Pico amp/dac or the Basso D2 a good fit for these headphones. I wanted something that would both be a dac and a amp because it would be more versatile for me.
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The A1000 pads are more comfortable and more durable. They're also a bit lower profile and increase the bass slightly. Which is a good thing.

The A900 pads are made from the very worst grade of pleather - worse than even Koss uses. They make the headphones hot and sweaty and the vinyl starts peeling off after less than a year. They're also needlessly bulky.

I'm not the guy to ask about commercial amps or how they work with the A900. The A900 is not my cup of tea so i sold my previously-used pair after just a few months.
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I buy my audio technica stuff from audiocubes, haven't had a problem with them yet.

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