Best portable Android based player with 5.2ghz AC wifi?
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Nov 21, 2008
Sadly it seems at some point LG may be leaving the phone market, I've been using their phones for a long time now as my portable music player. As an aside I have a DLNA home server pushing my lossless audio so I use my phone and Foobar Android music player to access all that music in my home through DLNA. I may not need to switch for a bit but I'd like to prepare for the day my LG phones die with no newer models coming out.

I've noticed even on the high end pmp's most of them are 2.4 gz slower wifi etc. This will not work for me as a 2.4 signal tends to cause drops streaming my audio.

So when looking at a PMP I want a robust high end player based on android so I can use different music players AND it needs to have a good enough wifi chip to support 5.2 GHZ wifi and preferable AC.

So any opinion on a good high end player with a good reliable and fast wifi chip that supports 5.2 GHZ and AC?

I want a pmp with a great DAC and a real headphone jack so other types of phones won;t work for me as most now don;t even have a headphone jack let alone a high end DAC like the LG phones have.
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Yep looks like that model fits the bill, how is the battery life, wifi connection and sound on it? Can it use any app from the Google play app store?
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