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Best office headphones with LOW sound leakage? $50-$150

  1. theuprising
    Hey everyone,

    Haven't been keeping up with headphones for a while as I'm pretty happy with my setups, but I recently bought a pair of Bose QC35's for the office and listen to stuff that most would call "weird" and have an issue with sound leakage. I have recently just been using a cheap pair of IEM's that I bought, but want to move up.

    I previously had a pair of Sennheiser Momentums (lost them) and they had really LOW sound leakage (the lowest for over-ears according to RTINGs) but I still may want to be safe and stick to a good pair of IEM's. The only worry with those would be the earwax that would build up on an expensive piece of equipment.

    Budget: $50-$150 (unless there's something absolutely amazing)
    Wireless: Don't care
    Genre: Rock
    Sennheiser Momentum II (used)
    From this buying guide, not sure how relevant it is anymore:

    Please let me know what you guys think!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  2. serman005
    Well, I like the KZ ZS10 Pro quite a bit in this price range. There is now also the ZSX, which I have yet to hear, but that folks seem to feel may be a bit of an upgrade. I can wholeheartedly recommend the ZS10 Pro at its price, and other Head-Fiers I respect are recommending the ZSX pretty regularly, but I myself can't recommend it, obviously. Maybe read about both of them and see what you think. Isolation-wise, I think the ZSX might possibly be a bit better based on what I've read. I actually feel the iso on the ZS10 Pro could be a bit better, TBH. I wear mine all the time, and I do find myself fiddling with the fit quite a lot. The right side definitely requires some attention. Maybe this is unique to the pair I received and to my ear canal, I don't know.

    The other one I like a lot and that for me has excellent isolation and killer fit and terrific sound for the money is the IT01. You might look into that as well. It has a really good cable also, in my view. The cable on the ZS10 Pro honestly, could use some work, and I hear the one on the ZSX does, too. Could be wrong, but that is sort of floating around out there.

    Other smart people will come along and likely give you some more Ci-Fi type recs. I am not the Chi-Fi whisperer, but I have a feeling they are on their way...

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