Best mod for Beyerdynamic DT-231?
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Oct 23, 2001

I have the little Beyers for sone years now, having stuffed foam and wad inside cups, improving the sound quite a bit.
But I still found them inferior to any real phones like HD-25 (much more expensive, I know). The bass lacks definition, is more gummy and the treble is quantity-wise more than OK, but it's quality could be far better. The most obvious deficit in spectral balance is the midrange. There are simply not enough of them, the voices are distant and uninvolving - even when compared to small bookshelf speakers, where other phones show superiority (especially HD600 and MDR-F1).

Is there any mod to improve the DT-231 to the limit? Seriously I know I can sell them, or not use them but I want to know if there's some happy user who improved them significantly. I read the history here on headfi, all the posts including headband mod, but none of them seems to improve this little beast to another, higher level od sound balance and quality.

Yes, i know they're cheap, but not so cheap in my country so I'd like to investigate all the possibilities before giving up. Now they have 1 layer of foam behind drivers, followed by 2 discs of thin wad to dampen enclosure. Sound is good, but nothing to get excited about.

Well that's my story. i'll leave it to you and hope someone will post a guide or hint for me and my DT-231


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