Best IEMs I can get under $40?
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Oct 19, 2012
Hey Head-Fi'ers.
I've been looking into getting a pair of IEMs under $40.
I'm searching for IEMs that come with a bunch of accessories, like tips and a case. Sound can be bass-heavy, or neutral. Either will suit me just fine.
I've been looking at a few, but, I think I narrowed it down to two pairs.
Brainwavz M5
VSonic GR99
Are these good choices? Which would you recommend to me of these two? Or would you recommend me a different pair?
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Haven't heard those but Sony mh1c and sound magic e10 are very popular in that price range.
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I havnt heard either of those IEMs. But if you can get you hands on some Audiofly af33 there $39, they both look and sound amazing. Comparing them to my vsonic gr07 makes me feel like slightly ripped off as I payed $260 more for my gr07. I believe that the AF33 sound as good as headphones twice that price. Only downside is that they may only be avalible in Australia atm.
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Sony MH1C, all the way, best Ive heard in 100-200$ range (includes BWZ M4,R1, M5, meelec a161p, meelec a151,etc..) Though it needs a good source and a good amp to drive to its complete potential.
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The Mh1c is out of my price range. It's $80. I decided to go with the brainwavz R1

Nope, its retail price is 80$ , you can get the bulk packaging for 20-30$. Only difference would be no warranty and no packaging case(it comes in a plastic bag). Many people here got the bulk packages and no fakes detected yet..
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Just an FYI maybe in the future too
I just ordered a pair of the Rains after reading a thread on here about how good they are, Thunder (TS01/02) is the bass heavy version & Rain is the neutral sounding one
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The JVC FX3X, Sony EX310 are bassheavy but offers quality deep bass and shows good details in music with fairly wide soundstage, RE0 are also amazing for the price and sound highly detailed with good bass response.
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Klipsch image s4i on sale right now with a rebate for $40...
 a pretty good deal!

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