Best IEMs for me for $600 or less?
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Aug 19, 2015
Hey guys I've done a lot of reading here and still had a few questions. I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of UE 900s but the bugs and fragility scared me off and I'm holding off on them from the time being. I come from a pair of UE triple fi 10s for comparison . I also was looking heavy at the shure 535 but they seemed to be "over hyped" these will be purely for listening while I'm at school so comfort is a must for long study sessions. My music breakdown is 35% rap/hip hop 35% rock 20% pop and 10% country

The only things I felt like the triple fis lacked was durability (the housing split in two.) And the cable left something to be desired in my opinion. I'm not brand loyal and am open to any recommendations.
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What did and like and not like about the UE's? I'm a big fan of Noble as a company... might be worth looking at.
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Well aside from the cable noise after a year of use and the fragility, it seemed like there wasn't enough base there for me and the highs seemed to roll off pretty early on for some genres of music. I always thought rock music and country music sounded perfect, but the rap and pop music was lacking slightly. I also have listened to a friends set of IEM's and noticed the singer sounded much "closer" not sure what that effect s called but I liked it.
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People are heaping un-ending praise, based on their chances to listen to pre-release review models, on the Trinity Delta IEM's which will be released by Trinity within one month from now.  They will cost 90 pounds in the UK (right now about $135) and supposedly are supremely comfortable, wonderful sound (even with an expansive soundstage!), have hybrid BA/Dynamic drivers, isolate decently, and everyone is saying that they punch waaaay above their price-point.  The build-quality is supposed to be excellent.  And best of all, they come with three (or was it four?) interchangable filters which give four possible frequency-responses, one more bass-heavy, one more bright, and one more neutral!

Brooko, one of the more trusted reviewers on this site, has said in his review of them, as well as in PM's to me, that he considers them possibly the best bang-for-your-buck value to ever be introduced in the field of IEM's so far, as far as he knows.  Pretty high praise.

As soon as I have the money, I'm going to be putting a pair on pre-order, myself :wink:

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