BEST Headphones under $200 NO AMP!
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Apr 8, 2013
I've been doing a long research i've seen ALOT ''bang for your buck'' headphones like the CAL! / m50 / DJpro100 / And the shure srh's.
[size=medium]I am a new to the audiophile world, but i did my research, sorry but i can't really be bothered walking with a big amp attached to my headphones all the time, this is a big loss of portability, and i can't be bothered to kill the fact of buying budget headphones then miraculously buying an amp that costs almost the price of the headphone itself![/size]
BASS is what i seek, i mean whats a song without the amazing boomy hype, BUT by saying Bass i don't mean muddy mids and lows and distorted sounds and loss of quality, i'd like it to be Bassy - balanced, something you can still be able to show - off in a world of quality headphones.
[size=medium]Not just the neutral sounding average joe headphone that sounds the same for $10 and $1000.[/size]

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