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Best Headphones for iPod listening

  1. chris24
    I am looking for some high-quality headphones to get for listening. I was initially headstrong on getting the Dr. Dre Beats. They obviously sound amazing at Best Buy when they have Black Eyed Peas blasting and they also look the best. However, while reading online reviews, the structure is not very well done and they have cracked. Also, I have read that they are great headphones, but only for more hip hop/electronic music (Anything that sounds awesome with bass). Now I love bass, for that type of music. However, I listen to a wide variety of music. I listen to anything from Green Day, blink-182, Sum 41, to Jay-Z, Kanye, B.I.G., to Crystal Castles, Dubstep music, to Noah and the Whale, and other indie type bands. So with that said, I really need a pair of headphones that is very high quality in the mid-range and treble, but also has a punchy bass when I am listening to my hip hop/pop/dance style music. 

    The headphones I have currently been looking at are
    Sennheiser HD 280 pro
    Denon D1001
    Sony MDR-7506
    Sennheiser PX 200-ii
    Sony MDR-V700DJ

    Now I understand most of these are DJ headphones. However, my stepdad used to own the MDR-7500DJ and he used those for listening very frequently, saying they were the clearest pair of headphones he had ever heard. Also, looking at this range, I will include that I am willing to go up to about $200-$250 spending-wise, but not much more.

    One of my biggest questions is whether stepping up to a pair of headphones that lie around $150 will make much of a difference to a $75 pair when the power source is an iPod. I will use the headphones mostly for listening, but also for plugging into an amp when playing guitar occasionally, and maybe computer usage as well. But like I said, the main use will be iPod.

    Are there any feedback that anybody can give me to help make my decision?
  2. NotSoSerious
    I see you dont have a lot of experience with these forums.. You see, beats by dre are highly disrespected and are almost considered a joke here... The LAST thing they have is good sound.The only reason they are so sucessful is because of dres name on the headphones.. The sound is absolutely mediocre for its price range.. They are extremely overpriced... Just letting you know for the future. Avoid beats by dre at all costs. Don't let the scam capture you...!
  3. Swatcsi
    Hey, for your budget the only two headphones I would recommend would be the Sennheiser HD 25 i-ii and the Shure SRH840s, I prefer the 840's. Also try the search function there are probably a hundred threads like this. Plus, welcome to Head-Fi!
  4. SonicBoy
    Sennheiser HD25-1. Good sound isolation, easily driven to high volume levels w/o an amp, and virtually impossible to break…and if you do manage to crush them under the wheels of a truck, you can order the replacement parts from Sennheiser.  They will outlast you and your grandchildren. They sound good too!
    Try before you buy.
  5. chris24
    Thank you for the feedback, and @NotSoSerious if you read, I said I was initially headed there towards the Beats before I did any research
  6. AyeVeeN
    If you were thinking of the Beats, get the HD25s. About the same price, 500% better sound, 500% better isolation. Comfort.. depends but it improves a lot with their velour pads. Pleather hurts my ear after awhile. Works with any genre for me and if you want more base, EQu app.
    Only problem I have is the right angle jack.. I use it with my E11 and I don't want to bend the cable and break it like every IEM I've used.
    Also they're really protable :).
    Bass on it isn't like.. rumbly but it's punchy. Improves a ton when EQ'd / bass boosted (I use mine w/ my E11 on level 1. Level 2 is actually too much, at least for me). I used to think I was a basshead, but I found out (after spending money) much prefer having it controlled and slightly rumbly. Too much gives me a headache now.
    Sibilance isn't a problem to me, but then again my hearing is damaged from blasting IEMs a few years back using like $25 earphones.
    I believe you can still find it cheaper on ebay than Amazon. When I bought it new (from an authorized / toprated seller, razordogdeals), it was $168. Amazon was $200 at the time.
  7. icemanmd78

    What IEM would you recommend for an iDevice, around the same price range?
  8. Liplip


    With bass dynamics and good isolation, Westone UM2 is worth considering. 
  9. icemanmd78

    Is an amp still necessary for this IEM when used with an iDevice?
  10. JK1
    Stepping up to around $150 will get you the Sennheiser HD380 pro rather than the $75 HD280 pro. The HD380 pro has more detail and better bass. As for Sony, spending around $150 gets the V900HD(aka 7509HD) vs the V6(aka 7506). The V900HD has much more detail. The V900HD is only 24 ohms vs 63 ohms for the V6, so the V900Hd is easier for a low powered portable to drive.
  11. Faab
    Sennheiser hd 25 1-II. I chose them after a month of research, am not dissapointed, really really happy. Good bass and I can clearly hear the instruments. My sister has the grado SR60 and I compared them to the HD 25 1-II and the senns are just so much better. Cant go wrong with the HD 25 1-II.

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