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Best Headphones for Heavy Rock

  1. Mustang Martigan
    I recently bought a pair of Brainwavz after reading an article that recommemded them as the best 'phones for $20. To sum it up quick, they suck a d. My friend gave me a pair of the iPhone earphones (the wired ones, not Bluetooth) and they blow the Brainwavz out of the water. They're louder, better bass, dynamics, they pretty much win in every catagory, except the volume button on the iPhone's doesn't work with my Android.

    Anyways, I'm looking for some suggestions on headphones for rock / heavy rock.

    Do all the decent headphones come with those in ear foam things? I like the fit of the iPhone style.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Those are likely one of the ones designed for bass, basically not what you're looking for in the first place. Apple's earphones also tend to have a flat enough response, the older ones just start trailing off rather early and couldn't seal well so most people trying them out felt they sound like tin cans.

    Unfortunately, yes. Also the fit might have affected how clean the sound is, even the sensitivity, because if they can't seal well then you can't hear the bass and the entire range as ambient sound leaks through. Sensitivity is already likely lower and that just makes it worse.

    You can just buy another earphone or other ear tips - which can be some kind of molded rubber or plastic other than foam - and see what fits properly. Or since you already know what works then just get the Apple earbuds and just not have the remote.

    Etymotic but the sensitivity is low enough that without an amp (unless you're using a DAP) the dynamics are the first to go. Otherwise they reach low without unevenness in the overall response. I have a bigger issue with the ergonomics since I prefer cables properly routed up and around then down behind my earlobes.

    Maybe look into the Shure SE425 or Westone UM30.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  3. Mustang Martigan
    It's actually the opposite. The review that lead me to buying the Brainwavz mentioned that one of their cons was lackluster bass. I figured that this was a good thing; I assumed they were talking about the bass needed for pop/dance.

    I actually figured out this same thing today...the foam piece is too big and is't making a proper seal. Every so often it would feel like my ears popped and then the music would kick in properly. The popping sensation was the seal being created.

    Where can I order an assortment of foam earpieces?
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Well I had to guess since you didn't specify which model. At that price range bass boost is almost exclusively what's available.

    Certainly looks like that was the problem. Of course that's no guarantee it will come out as you need but the thing is if you're not getting a good seal then you're not hearing the IEM as it should sound.

    You can get them on Amazon or eBay. I get repacked ones on the latter if I know I want only one size of a certain type, like the Sony Hybrids.

    You need to double check the bore diameter though. If the ear tip bore is too loose over the shell bore then it won't stay on and there's nothing to be done about that. If the ear tip bore is smaller, in some cases you can use a tweezer in reverse, ie as a spreader, to get it over the shell bore. If the ear tip bore overhangs the shell bore these can contract and close around the bore, which will EQ the sound.

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