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Mar 7, 2014
Hello, I am looking for some of the valuable advice that this community is able to provide. I am currently using the Sony mdr 1rbt, which I have been pleased with.

I have, however, been given a $600 voucher for a website which sells headphones (, and I am keen to get some new ones!

I am after some advice as to what my best choice is from this website... I am currently considering the sennheiser momentum, or potentially the parrot zik 2.0- are these an upgrade on my current headphones?

Although I value Bluetooth and noise cancelling, neither are a necessity and I would place good audio quality and comfort higher in importance. I don't know if it's relavent, but I listen on an iPhone mainly, and listen to soft rock, hard rock, EDM, and the odd bit of jazz.

The headphones can be found here:

Thanks for any help!

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