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Best headphone for Movies

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by toopoor, Jan 25, 2012.
  1. TooPoor
     Hey guys, definite newb here. I have a set of D2000s for music, but am looking for something else for watching movies. I watch every genre and am looking for something that sounds more spacious and detailed (excuse my poor explanation). I've been looking at the Senn HD600/650, possibly the HE-400. I'd like to keep it between $250-$500 (quite a range, I know). Will be powered by FiiO E17. Am I in the right direction? Any advice would be awesome.
  2. NA Blur
    I suggest the Sennheiser HD-598.  It is an open headphones so the soundstage should be greater than the D2000.  I always liked my HD-555 for movies and the 598 is a good improvement on that.
  3. ssrock64
    You could get an HD5xx series can like the HD598, then get yourself a nice amp/DAC to make them really sound sweet. If you're really set on the E17 it'll do the job with an HD600, but it won't make them sound nice.
  4. jc222284
    I love my FA-011 for late night movies! I remember the first time I watched a movie with them! Lord of the rings blu-ray baby! 
  5. NA Blur
    The Senn HD-600 and 650, both of which I have owned and used for many years, sound too laid back for my taste.  They always sound like you are listening through a very thick pillow.  Many of us notice this after a while and have sold our HD-600 / HD-650 headphones because of it.
    I am just trying to save you time, money, and heartache as I have been there.
  6. joelpearce
    Ultrasones sound fantastic with movies--they have great bass, but also have good levels of clarity and an awesome soundstage.
    The DT990s are my other go-to headphones for movies.  
  7. rhythmdevils
    Orthos!  Detail + bass FTW!
  8. TooPoor
     Thanks guys! I'm actually starting to lean more towards the HE-400 at the moment, not for movies obviously. And I'm moving away from the E17 towards the Asgard, not sure which DAC yet though.
  9. rhythmdevils
    Why not for movies and why obviously?  Imaging is much more important for movies than soundstage size, and the HE400 should be good at imaging. 
    Most important thing is good vocal production, no harshness, good bass response.  I haven't heard the HE400 but it seems like a good bet.
  10. TooPoor
     Haha, I meant not JUST for movies. But more of an all arounder/upgrade.

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