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best headphone and amp if needed in budget 140$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by captin tofy, Dec 17, 2012.
  1. captin tofy
    best headphone and amp if needed in budget 160$ max

    i got iphone 4s which i use most also got creative zen xfi2 idk where it is
    i saw fiio e7 got adac i may need this 

    i would prefer louder music than that i got but also sound quality is a need

    want and advice fast plz cuz i get them shipped by afrnd in week
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Unless the Creative Zen comes with a digital output that can stream digital audio (not just transfer digital audio files).
    The Fiio E11 should do the job (get the Fiio L cable for use with the apple LOD port).
  3. captin tofy
    ok what about sony mdr xb500 i was lookin 2 get it as im basshead will it work well with fioo e11 and iphone?
    and whats diff fiio e7 and e11 which one is better they almost same price
  4. zazex
    the e7 has an amp and a DAC,
    the e11 has an amp only.
    I'm not familiar with the Creative Zen unit you have,
    so I don't know if you need a DAC.
    lol i was gonna say AD700 + E7's before you pointed out the basshead bit.... well then get an HFI-580. Amping isn't necessary with the Ultrasones
  6. captin tofy
    u sure iphone 4s can make the ultra work well cuz im on tight budget i pay like 50$ more for shipping and im in tight budget so i would like aheadphone and an amp is needed for 120 or 130 
    also can u tell me if the HFI-580 better than mdr500 on bass or equal and mids lows cuz its like 2x more price so do it deserve the double?
    about the fiio e7 and e11 is there any difference in the soundquality 
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Personally, I'm not a fan of the XB500, others on Head-fi do like the XB500.
    The Fiio portable amplifiers, Fiio portable DAC/amps and iPhones (& even iPods) are all good choices for driving the 24-Ohm XB500s.
    The Fiio E7 is a DAC/amp, the E11 is amp only.
  8. captin tofy
    after tryin to get those to me at egypt i found they cost up to 225$ rather than 125$ so i looked in egypt only find some beats that cost so ****** much heared bad reviews for them then i saw also bose ie2 inear headphone anyknow how it work?
  9. Prakhar
    Stay away from the IE2s if you are a basshead. Not a satisfying enough thump IMO. The only thing I really liked about them was their comfort, but I felt they were worth no where near their asking price.
    If you get XB500s you dont need an amp. 
    XB500s have the most bass of any headphone, but aren't very clean or clear. 
  10. Redlah
    It's a great question what quality would you get at this budget. but as you have iphone 4s, if you can extend a little bit, within range Sennheiser HD280 Pro with a fiio E7 or E11 can be a good choice.
  11. Prakhar
    I would definitely not recommend the HD280 for a basshead....
  12. wavid
    Yea the HD280 are not very bassy but have nice detailed bass...that is untill i did the blu tak mod...now i have too much bass, will need to take some out. But still i agree HD280 are not for bassheads
  13. captin tofy
    k that was some nice responds after some search and talkin the customs etc i found that i may get one of those 3 without and amp if i find that it need an amp i get it later so here is the last thing choose of those best for base listen t much of thats and idk other things names but guitars in many songs of what i listen to :)
    i had those on ur reviews
    HFI-580 Ultrasones
    sony mdr xb500 tell me how is the guiatrs on it would it be affected by bass  also saw it can be EQlized to be better than havin base override other low mids and highs
    and sennHD280
    also someone mentioned AD700 i read its kinda bassless
    btw i pay like 50$ over everyone of those to shipping  customs etc ..
    and if anyone of them will be underpowered with iphone 4s only..
  14. DocTavia
    XB500s can be equalized pretty well, but I can't give many comparisons as I have yet to try many different pairs of headphones. (XB500s can be driven by anything, including an iPhone 4)

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